Thanks for all the prayers!

ImageI am happy to report healing on all fronts, thanks to the amazing outpouring of prayer and concern of so many people.

First, our four-year old grandson, Vinny, is recovering from successful brain surgery, during which the surgeon removed a tumor the size of the surgeon’s fist.  Vinny is in for a long recovery, but he’s already out of bed a bit, eating solid food and being delightfully cranky to everyone around him!  The surgeon told our daughter and son-in-law that, if he hadn’t operated when he did, he doubted that Vinny would have survived last weekend.  So, thanks to all the prayer warriors out there!

Second, my sister Jeannie, who is no longer four years old, is also successfully recuperating from cancer surgery.  My two sisters and I were blessed to have some quality time together during this same trip, and we ask for your continued prayer for her ongoing recovery.

Third, my wife’s health appears to be on the mend as well, so thanks for all the prayers for her as well!

All in all, a stressful time, but one that has proven the extraordinary power of love and prayer.

Our humble thanks to you all.

Tomorrow, back to Pope Francis!

Prayers for Vincent

Today our four year old grandson Vincent Arthur Hurd — Vinny — is undergoing a 6 1/2 hour surgery to remove a large mass from his brain. His Mom (our daughter) and Dad are being strong but prayers are requested. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s a picture from last night, as he was getting ready!



I have moved this blog to WordPress because it seemed a bit easier to manage than Blogger.  We shall see!

Once again I apologize for not blogging as frequently as I would like.  On the other hand, the reasons are wonderful ones: my ministries on behalf of the diocese, the teaching I am doing, especially graduate students in pastoral ministry, and the ministries of our parish are all life-giving and time-consuming.  All of which is wonderful!

I have also been considering prayerfully whether to keep this blog running in any case.  As a deacon of the Catholic church who is also a professor of Theology, I am sensitive to the varying responsibilities of each venue!  After all, prayerfully crafting a homily is considerably different from academic research and writing, or from writing a staff memorandum!  Some people who may visit this blog may want a more homiletic approach taken; still others may expect a scholarly treatise (I am confident that NO ONE will want a staff memorandum!).  I make no guarantees: there may be some issues that I will essay in a more academic vein; other things may be more personally reflective.  For anyone seeking to ascertain my theological orthodoxy, I would refer them to my academic work, and urge them not make judgements solely on the basis of blog postings, since there is no way, in my opinion, to provide the academic rigor on a blog as there is in more traditional contexts.  Even if there were such a possibility, I choose to use the blog for more informal writing, discussions, and reflections.  So, with that disclaimer, I’ve decided to keep the blog going!

I will be making the occasional design change to the blog as I gain more experience with WordPress.  I will, hopefully, add a bookshelf with some of my own writing as well as other related material which may be of interest.

Again, welcome!

God bless,

Deacon Bill