The Annunciation and Ordination: Becoming Gabriel

AnnunciationToday we celebrate the great feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to the young woman Miryam to discuss God’s plan that she become the mother of the Christ of God.  The focus of many great homilies, such as my buddy Deacon Greg Kandra’s wonderful homily “How Can This Be”? , is justifiably on that young Jewish woman Miryam, Mary.  We watch as Mary, full of fear, courageously gives her “yes” to God, taking on whatever God has in store for her and her family in the future.

I was blessed to be ordained a deacon on the Feast of the Annunciation twenty-four years ago today, and over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that we need to spend time with BOTH Mary and Gabriel.  Gabriel is so much more than God’s mouthpiece, a divine voice mail announcing a fait accompli to Mary!  Let me sort this out, a reflection on diaconal ordination in light of the Annunciation.

Deacon and Book of GospelsDuring the ordination of a deacon, the bishop places the Book of the Gospels into the new deacons hands: it’s the first task of the new deacon, and the first charge given to the deacon by his bishop: “Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you now are: Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach!”  I heard those words directed to me on 25 March 1990 by my archbishop, Cardinal James Hickey of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.  We had heard the Gospel of the Annunciation just moments before, and now the Cardinal was telling me that I was supposed to be a Herald of Christ!  Immediately, I sensed a kind of kinship with the herald in the Gospel: Gabriel.

archangel-gabriel-struck-zechariah-mute-1824Consider Gabriel’s role.  In the Hebrew scriptures, for example, he interprets the dreams of Daniel.  He is the messenger who goes to Zecharias, the father of John the Baptist.  Again, he not only “announces” things; he explains them and acts on them as well.  And then we have the appearance of Gabriel to Mary.  Once more, he does not simply announce God’s plan and fly away; he helps Mary, who is justifiably uncertain and questioning: “How can this be?”  And he explains to her.  The heralds of God are not merely proclaimers of the Word only; they are supposed to be ministers of the Word, helping others to understand and respond in faith.

For those of us who serve as Deacons, that’s the foundation of the charge we’re given at ordination: not simply to proclaim the Word and leave, but to proclaim the Word, believing completely the message of God, and then teaching and practicing that Word in our own lives of service.  Mary’s fiat came from her own graced relationship with God, but it was also aided through the ministry of the herald, from who she received not only the Word, but encouragement and support, an angelic model of the very relationship she was being called to herself.  To make Christ present in the world demands more than mere words; it demands real world faith, courage, and commitment.  Mary’s fiat and Gabriel’s fiat go together.

angel as deaconPerhaps this is why there is such a longstanding tradition, especially in the Eastern traditions of the Church, to associate the ministry of the Deacon with the ministry of angels: saintly angelic heroes like Gabriel are frequently depicted as angels, and angels — those heralds of God — are frequently depicted in the vestments of the deacon.

So, as we reflect on the fiat of Mary, may we also ponder the role of Gabriel, the Herald.


“Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.”




6 comments on “The Annunciation and Ordination: Becoming Gabriel

  1. James Graham says:

    All of us were taught that we have a guardian angel. Perhaps all deacons have an additional guardian angel……. Gabriel.

    Very nice post Bill.

  2. Dcn Vern Schmitz says:

    Never thought of my service as a deacon as doing ministry with the angels – but find it to be an inspirational image. Thanks for your insights. We are blessed to have had your diaconal service for 24 years. Congratulations. I pray that God grants you many more years of productive service to the Church, the Christian community, and especially, our diaconate community.

  3. vicki352 says:

    This was a beautiful reflection. I don’t think about angels very often. So this had me thinking about my role as a lay minister in charge of RCIA and the role of my guardian angel in my ministry! Thanks for your insight!

  4. Bob Striegel says:

    Bill, I was gifted to have been at a transitional deacon’s ordination yesterday, the 25th. I appreciate your reflection and also see it applying to me, a priest. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Bob. It’s good to hear from you. I read about the ordination yesterday; interesting days! God bless.

  6. Jong Ricafort says:

    Thanks Deacon William.
    Have you ponder that the Mystery of Annunciation is the Ordination of Mary the Blessed Virgin into royal priesthood. Did Angel Gabriel words “Hail, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you”…is the formula of a Bishop in ordaining a baptized to sacramental priesthood..
    But in the case of Mary, it was an Archangel….is Archangel Gabriel a Celestial High Priest and Prophets? Yes…
    Let’s look at the formula:
    1. Hail means greetings..and it not an ordinary greetings, he recognized Mary as Queen, why?
    When Mary visited Elizabeth, her mere greetings “filled both St. Elizabeth & St.John with the Holy Spirit.”
    How about the Bishops invocation prayer? It is prayed to confer the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the priest was “filled by the Holy Spirit”, and this also happened in the Upper Room, all the Apostles were “filled by the Holy Spirit”…
    How about Archangel greetings? It not only filled Mary with the Holy Spirit, it says “full of grace”, Angel Gabriel greetings is like a Bishop invocation prayer.
    2. Full of Grace; means the gifts of the Holy Spirit was conferred to Mary by Archangel Gabriel a Celestial High Priest or Bishop, that’s why Mary was a Queen Priestess and Her Sovereignty encompasses both Heaven & Earth.
    3. “The Lord is with you”, this means the “spiritual mark” or the image of God was bestowed upon Mary’s soul just like the priest who was bestowed upon the “mark of the priesthood” in his soul.
    So, Mary was ordained as a royal Queen Priestess..
    That’s why St.Pius X approved the prayer devotion in 1906,
    Mary Virgin Priest, pray for us…

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