For Your Consideration

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest book by Paulist Press, Courageous Humility: Reflections on the Church, Diakonia, and Deacons. It is available directly from Paulist, or from Amazon, or wherever you buy your books.

This is a book about the Church. The early chapters reflect on the nature and structures of the Church, and the remaining chapters build on this foundation to focus on the nature and ministry of the renewed diaconate. Here is the table of contents:


Foreword by Gerald F. Kicanas, Bishop Emeritus of Tucson


Chapter One–A Humble Church as Icon of the Humble Trinity

Chapter Two–Ecclesial 12-Step Program: Humility in the Rule of St. Benedict

Chapter Three–Renewing Structures for a Humble and Diaconal Church: In Tribute to John Quinn

Chapter Four–Strengthened by Sacramental Grace: The Sacramentality of the Diaconate

Chapter Five–The Code of Canon Law, a Servant Church, and Diaconate–A Proposal in Honor of James Provost

Chapter Six–Ordaining Deacons in a Humble Church: Proposed Revisions to the Rite of Ordination

Chapter Seven–Recurring Questions on the Diaconate

Chapter Eight–Concluding Reflections: Tapping the Potential of the Diaconate

I hope you find it helpful!