Coming Up for Air: Returning to the Blogosphere

It’s been an absolutely crazy time on many levels since my last blog posting.  I have officially “retired”, although I’m teaching more courses than ever at several universities, traveling to speak with groups of priests, of deacons and their wives, and directing retreats.  We have moved back to our home in Florida, saying farewell to family, friends and co-workers in California, and saying “we’re back!” to old friends and co-workers down here.  In ministry I have left a wonderful, extraordinary parish and returned to another where I served before heading out to California.

And, of course, since my last blog post, Donald John Trump has transitioned from being President-elect to being President of the United States.

I’ll be returning to active blogging shortly.

Happy Sunday!

5 comments on “Coming Up for Air: Returning to the Blogosphere

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back Dcn Dr. Bill!

  2. Jim graham says:

    Welcome back. Relax and catch your breath!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad you’re back!!

  4. Dan Leetch says:

    Can you do any digging to see what is happening with the Commission on Women in the Diaconate? This group met in November and meets again in March, but there appears to be ‘radio silence’ on any discussion, movement, etc.


  5. Last I heard, Dan, the Commission was still getting itself settled in. I’m sure they’ve had some good preliminary conversations!

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