Thank you, Melody!

Before returning to the more serious work reflecting on the Pope’s Apostolic  Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, I thought I’d post something just for fun.  But it’s also something of the great joy of serving God’s people as a deacon.

This morning, after our 9:00 AM Mass, a very shy little girl approached me with her grandmother.  With Grandma encouraging her, she handed over the attached sketch.  It is such a wonderful, joyful gift!  She captured the Book of the Gospels, the smiles, everything!  Thank you, Melody!

Melody Art

One comment on “Thank you, Melody!

  1. Deacon Greg Weigold says:

    Wonderful!! Many thanks to Melody, and to you, Deacon Dr. Bill… Encouragement from the pews is always welcome, especially from the youngest attendees. Can never get enough of those innocent little smiles…. Deacon Greg – Diocese of Charleston

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