Join Our Team: Super Vinny, Kicking Cancer

Stay Calm and Team VinnyOur grandson, Vinny, who just turned five last week, is about to start chemotherapy.  He had brain surgery just before Christmas to remove a large tumor from his brain, and now he’s moving to the next phase.  His Mom, our daughter Laura, has started a Facebook group to support hiPirate Vinnym, and our other daughter, Jennifer, created the wonderful “poster” for him!

If you want to join and add your own prayers to the group, please check out the Team Super Vinny page here!

3 comments on “Join Our Team: Super Vinny, Kicking Cancer

  1. Fran Dallinger says:

    I am happy to add my prayers for Vinny. I am a distant cousin of Bill D. I live in E Peoria IL

  2. Margaret Sienko says:

    Bill, count me in, too. I pledge my prayers for Vinny, his parents and all of you.

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