Returning to the Blog: As Life Goes On

Every so often I receive an e-mail that will say “So-and-so is now following your blog,” and I will feel guilty for not doing more on the blog.  Despite every good intention to do so, other things far more important than my essays in the blogosphere — family, work, and ministry — quickly take precedence.  Still, here I am, tapping away, and hoping that I can return to blogging with some regularity.

Mom and Dad 1948

Mom and Dad Wedding Breakfast 1948

A major event in the life of our family happened just before Christmas.  On 21 December, our beloved mother, Kathleen Powers Ditewig, passed into eternal life at the age of 90.  Her instructions to us were simple and direct: she wanted “no fuss” and no big visitation, wake, or funeral.  She had made all her own arrangements and we respected them.  My two sisters and I decided, however, that nothing in our promises to her prevented us from planning a big family gathering at some point in the future at which we would celebrate her life in proper style!  So, Mom, get ready for that!  You knew we’d be doing it all along.  Life here without you is a sadder place for us, but faith leads to the realization that you and Dad are together again, freed from earthly care.  Love you and miss you both!

To so many of you readers who sent along expressions of prayer and condolences, our deepest appreciation.

Since then, of course, we’ve been dealing with multiple projects and ministries within the Diocese as well as the beginning of a new academic term and assorted health issues.  But, praise God, eternal and temporal life goes on!  So, “watch this space,” as the construction signs always command, for upcoming essays.

3 comments on “Returning to the Blog: As Life Goes On

  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry for your loss. Peace, Marty

  2. Bob Striegel says:

    Bill, sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. I appreciate the wedding picture of your father and mother. Life does change without parents. Appreciate your plans to get together.

  3. entheos1249 says:

    Your mom was smart just like you. Please know I have all of your family in my daily prayers😌and rosaries, Deacon.

    Peace and all that is good,

    Gerald Quintana

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